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Accompanying Programme

1. Conference on Intralogistics and Warehousing

The logistics and warehousing sector in India has witnessed significant changes due to the rise in online purchases and shifting consumer buying patterns post-pandemic. Government initiatives, such as GST implementation and enabling policies, have fuelled sector growth. The warehousing market is driven by a thriving manufacturing sector, increased consumer spending, and growth in international trade. Predictions indicate that the market will reach INR 2243.79 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10.90%.

India's logistics industry benefits from technological advancements, policy initiatives, and infrastructure investment. The National Logistics Policy 2022 focuses on infrastructure development, digitalization, skill development, regulatory reforms, and sustainability.

LogiMAT 2024 conference addresses the state of the logistics and supply chain industry in India, emphasizing sustainability, digital transformation, infrastructure development, skill development, collaboration, and regulatory reforms. The event features panel discussions, fireside chats, industry presentations, and networking opportunities to explore sector challenges and opportunities.

Key Discussion Points

  • Unlocking the power of digital technologies

  • Logistics 4.0: technologies for supply chain innovation

  • Human robot collaboration in logistics

  • The future forward: unleashing the power of IoT and technology in warehouse management

  • Multi-faceted intralogistics automation systems for efficiency 

  • Enhancing the last mile delivery: innovations for eco-friendly and service focused solutions

  • Collaboration and partnership: driving synergy in the logistics ecosystem

  • Enabling growth: infrastructure development in India's logistics landscape 

  • Regulatory reforms and opportunities in the logistics and warehousing industry

  • Building resilient supply chains: navigating risks and ensuring business continuity

2. Conference on Transportation Management

The transportation logistics sector in India is undergoing a transformative phase, fueled by economic growth, urbanization, and the rise of e-commerce. The government's investments in infrastructure and advanced technologies are meeting the demand for efficient transportation services. Utilizing technologies like big data analytics and AI, the industry aims to improve efficiency and customer service. Multimodal logistics integrating various transport modes optimize supply chains, attracting foreign investment and enhancing India's competitiveness in global trade. LogiMAT 2024 Conference on Transportation Management addresses the sector's growth potential that can make India a global leader and drive economic development. 

Key Discussion Points

  • Transforming the movement of Goods: Freight Forwarding and Transportation 

  • Unlocking the Potential of 3PL, 4PL, and 5PL: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency 

  • Advancing Supply Chain and Fleet Management with Software Innovations 

  • Smart Logistics: Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Shipping, Tracking and Last Mile Delivery 

  • Preserving Perishables: Temperature-Controlled Solutions and Services 

  • Optimizing E-commerce Fulfillment: Innovations for smooth Order Fulfillment 

  • Insights from Consulting and Advisory Services in Logistics and Transportation Management 

  • Tracking Technologies Revolutionizing Transportation and Logistics  

  • Cross-Border Logistics and Customs Clearance: Challenges and Opportunities  

  • Environmental and Sustainability Solutions in Logistics and Transportation 

  • Autonomous Vehicles and Drones in Future Mobility 

  • Port and Terminal Management Solutions for Efficient Operations 

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