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11:30-12:30 Hrs

Inauguration - LogiMAT : The Role of Logistics in Realizing Viksit Bharat 2047

12:30-12:40 Hrs

White Paper Launch by JLL India

12:40-12:50 Hrs

The Future of Logistics: Startup Landscape in India by EAC International and Start - Up India

13:00-14:00 Hrs

Networking Lunch Break

14:00-14:45 Hrs

Smart Logistics Solutions
Smart Logistics Solutions revolutionize the shipping and delivery landscape by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies. Utilizing autonomous vehicles and drones ensures efficient transportation and last-mile delivery operations, reducing costs and enhancing speed. The implementation of RFID and Barcode integration guarantees precise tracking throughout the supply chain, minimizing errors and improving overall accuracy. Real-time monitoring is achieved through the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and GPS, providing instant visibility into the location and status of shipments. This comprehensive approach enhances the entire logistics process, making it more streamlined, reliable, and responsive to the demands of modern supply chain management.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Advancing Supply Chain and Fleet Management with Software Innovations

  • Efficiently managing fleet operations and performance through technology

  • Streamlined last-mile delivery & courier solutions with returns management for efficient reverse logistics

  • Integration for E-commerce performance through business tools and integration

  • RFID and Barcode integration for efficient data management

  • WSN, GPS for real-time monitoring and tracking

  • IoT-enabled Data Solutions

  • Integrated Tracking Solutions in transportation

  • Technological advances and future possibilities with drones


Mr. Satish Lakkaraju

Senior Vice President, Global Head – Air Freight & Pharma

Wiz Frieght


Mr. Nishant Kejriwal

DGM - Architect

Novus Hi-tech Robotics Systemz Ltd.


Mr. Ajay Singh

Vice President Supply Chain Management

Hindustan Platinum


Mr. Anshuman Pattnaik

Manager Business Development

NICDC Logistics Data Service

15:00-15:45 Hrs

The Supply Chain Challenges in E-commerce
E-commerce in India has seen exponential growth in recent years, driven by increasing internet penetration, smartphone usage, and a burgeoning middle class. However, with this growth comes a myriad of supply chain challenges that need to be addressed for sustainable success. This session will focus on the intricacies of the Indian e-commerce supply chain, exploring key challenges and potential solutions. Industry experts will share insights, strategies, and best practices to navigate these hurdles effectively.


​Key Discussion Points:

  • Implementing practices to reduce spillages

  • Mushrooming of New Dark Warehouses

  • Challenges with Quick Deliverables

  • Reverse Logistics Challenges


Mr. Rahul Agarwal

Industry Advisor



Mr. Vivek Tiwari




Mr. Rachit Rungta

AVP - Supply Chain strategy & planning

Reliance Retail


Mr. Tarun Chhabra

Head -Product Growth


16:00-16:45 Hrs

E-commerce Fulfilment Strategies
Efficient e-commerce logistics and fulfilment services are very critical for any e-commerce businesses to meet customer expectations of fast and reliable delivery, accurate order processing, and excellent customer support. It encompasses various activities such as order processing, inventory management, picking and packing, shipping, and customer support. The latest trends, technologies, and strategies that are transforming the way products are shipped, tracked, and delivered will help built a stronger up the e-commerce industry.

​Key Discussion Points:

  • Streamlined last-mile delivery & courier solutions with returns management for efficient reverse logistics

  • White glove services: assembly, installation, and more

  • Same-day and next-day delivery options.

  • Enhancing customer experience and support solutions.

  • Effective packaging and labelling systems for product shipments.

  • Integration for E-commerce performance through business tools and integration


Mr. Ketul Patel

Founder & President

OMIIA Consulting (M)


Mr. Bir Singh

Co Founder



Mr. Sanjeev Choudhary


sKart Global Express


Mr. Sanjeevv Khanna

COO and Vice President

Patanjali Foods Ltd


Mr. Pranav Srinivasan

Co Founder

Accio Robotics

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