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1. Company and address


2. Exhibition Administration Contact


3. Application for stand space

Stand space inside exhibition hall (booth no.)
Shell Scheme - INR 16,000 per sqm
Bare Space - INR 15,000 per sqm



Favoured type of stand

All contractors other than the official contractors will be required to pay a management fee of INR 500 per sqm for on-site co-ordination, design approval and construction debris disposal (further details to be obtained from the Exhibitor Manual).

Total Charges (INR)

(Total Area x Cost of Space)

Stand Type

(Extra Premium)


(Co-Exhibitor Fees)

Registration fee per exhibitor (Non-Refundable)

(20% premium on 2 or more sides open)


Applicable Tax (presently Goods & Service Tax @18.0%) * (INR)

* Any change in the tax structure at the time of exhibition shall be incorporated in the final Invoice and shall be charged extra.

Grand Total (INR)

(Total charges + Premium (if any) + H & S Cess + PLI + Applicable tax)

4. Third party authorized signatory for all legally binding actions for the exhibitor

Different from company address above.

5. Alternative address for invoices

Different from company address above.

6. Co-exhibitor


7. Co-Exhibitor Exhibition Administration Contact


8. Product & Service Directory

1. Materials handling and storage technology
3. Warehouse and production controls / robotics
2. Warehouse and equipment
4. Packaging, weighing, measuring, franking
8. Information and communications technology
10. Labelling and identification
12. Storage system software
5. Loading technology and systems
6. Retrofitting
7. Industrial trucks and accessories
9. Order-picking systems
11. Simulation software
13. Shipping and transport software
16. Energy, environmental technology, recycling, waste disposal
19. Logistics facilities
20. Consulting, planning, implementation
22. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers / 4PL / 5PL
24. E-commerce logistics and fulfillment services`
25.4 E-commerce logistics and fulfillment solutions
14. Stock management, inventory & archiving software
15. Drive technology
17. Security
18. Outsourcing partners
21. Public authorities, organizations, education, media
23. Warehousing and distribution services
25. Last mile delivery, express logistics and urban logistics solutions
25.1 Same-day and next-day delivery services
25.2 Last-mile delivery services
25.3 Urban logistics solutions
25.5 Express courier and package delivery services
25.7 Reverse logistics and returns management solutions
25.6 Express freight and logistics solutions
26. Autonomous vehicles and drones for delivery

Thanks for submitting the application! We'll get back to you soon.

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